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FlexKit caters to the essential operational units in health and wellness centers. Each tool addresses specific needs that often go beyond what your software provider typically offers.

Brand Presence

Effortlessly launch websites with a unique design and powerful eCommerce features tailored for wellness. Enjoy seamless checkout and class bookings with hassle-free passwordless verification.
Brand Presence

Intelligent Sales

Drive a consistent flow of new clients through your sales funnel, from click to converted member. Implement a warm welcome, abandoned cart messages, capture validated client data, and streamline pre-arrival forms.
Power Life Yoga

We take great pride in referring our Students to the website. Our team has full confidence in its outstanding functionality.

Annika S.
Marketing Director at Power Life

Connect to your provider

FlexKit seamlessly integrates with your existing club management software, acting as a layer that enhances and expands your data capabilities. By leveraging FlexKit, you can unlock new insights and functionalities while maximizing the value of your current software investment.

Built by Operators

Game-changing solutions that were meticulously crafted by seasoned industry operators, not just developers. Tools that address the intricate challenges and nuances that software can impose on operational workflows. Enabling businesses to rapidly introduce operational and client-facing improvements that resonate with the demands of industry challenges.
Built by Operators

Operations Automation

Cut down on labor overhead by streamlining your operations. Say goodbye to repetitive and manual tasks traditionally handled by staff members. Take control of scheduling and automate tasks according to your preferences.
Rukus Cycling Studios

FlexKit tools have been a game-changing differentiator when implementing new technology across our Corporate and Franchise locations.

Emma K.
Senior Project Manager

How does FlexKit work?

FlexKit offers ready-to-use tools, allowing you to focus on real business challenges. Launching is as easy as following three simple steps, without the hassle and expense of managing multiple subscriptions.

Step 1

Choose from our flexible pricing options, we make it simple to shift between plans.

Step 2

Choose the tools that can improve your operation or provide a client facing enhancment

Step 3

Sit back, and relax while we integrate to build out your business enhancements

Growing Collection of Tools

We continuously expand our platform by introducing new tools and enhancements. We understand that your business evolves, and FlexKit grows alongside it. Seamlessly navigate through different tools, effortlessly adjusting and adapting to meet your evolving needs.

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